Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby bird update

It's a cardinal! It's a female and is getting fat and sassy. She is hopping around and getting ready to fly. Compare the first pic to this one and see what a difference a week makes!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What to do if you find a baby bird

If renesting the baby is not an option:

- Place the baby in a softly-lined covered box with ventilation.
- Place the box in a warm, dark, quiet indoor location away from all humans and pets.
- Do Not attempt to give it food or water, no matter how much it begs!
- Contact a wildlife rehabilitator immediately. You can find a state directory by clicking here.
Please DO NOT try to raise the baby bird yourself!! They need special food and special care around the clock. Again, contact a wildlife rehibilitator as soon as possible.

New bird arrival

One of our own new volunteers brought a very tiny baby bird in this morning. She found the bird on a morning walk with her dog. The baby bird was on the ground, under a tree, and appeared to be unharmed. She could see a nest far up in the tree, but it was empty and hanging at a crazy angle. No way could she return the bird to the nest. So, she put it in a shoe box, kept it in a warm, dark, quiet room, and brought it to EWR. Evelyn quickly assessed the baby and put it in a tiny, knitted yarn nest. It is now in a cage, in that nest with some older baby birds, and Evelyn will be starting the bird on baby bird formula. Paws crossed for this little baby bird!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Raccoons out and about

The first batch of raccoons are now out and about. They have been immunized and are now free to go out during the day to explore and learn life skills for raccoons. They don't go too far yet as some remain focused on the bottle. But, they will wean themselves off soon and become wild things once again. It has been so hot here in Virginia, some of them don't stay out for long as they want to come back to EWR for a cool bath or a good hand wash session!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hoppin' down the bunny trail......

Well, not exactly hoppin'....not yet anyway! A couple of very tiny, baby bunnies came into the refuge nursery this morning. They are being fed round the clock. Sleep and eat, sleep and eat...but hopefully they will be hoppin' down the bunny trail very soon!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mi Mi LePew, the baby skunk

Mi Mi is a sweet baby skunk who was brought into a local Vet office and Evelyn has agreed to take her into rehab. Since skunks are not native in Virginia Beach, once Mi Mi is ready, she will be transported to the western part of Virginia, where there are plenty of skunks for her to interact with.
Skunks only spray when they are threatened, so we are very careful that Mi Mi always feels safe and secure!! She is a joy to be around. She loves to play and to be cuddled and fussed over. Evelyn is happy to oblige!
photo courtesy of Mary Reid Barrow

Mimi is now with another wildlife rehibiltator in western Virginia who specializes in skunk rehab. Good luck, Mimi!