Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge

An interview with Evelyn. Please watch and consider what you can do to help wildlife, improve our environment, and save our planet for future generations.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Roxy, the Red Fox Kit

We were blessed this past week to start Roxy, a young Red Fox kit, on her road to being released back into the wild. Roxy was brought to the Refuge after being discovered on a local golf course. She was alone, possibly abandoned or orphaned, but no sign was ever found of her parents or litter mates. A compassionate animal control officer with the city of Virginia Beach checked Roxy into our Refuge.
We knew that Roxy was healthy and that for her to be successfully rehabilitated and released, she needed to be with other red foxes. We connected with a wildlife rehabiltator who specializes in foxes in Roanoke, VA. They have surrogate fox parents and siblings for Roxy to learn to be a fox with. As much as we would like to see Roxy grow up, we know this is where she needs to be. Good luck, Roxy!! Born to be wild and free!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Mourning Doves

Two baby mourning doves (nestlings) have arrived at the Refuge.....and they did not have to be here. A homeowner cut down a tree, and down came the nest. Mourning doves do not build the most stable nests to begin with. Please PLEASE delay cutting down trees, ANY TREE, until late in the Fall.
We do think they are so darn cute, though! Don't you agree?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Orphaned Baby Raccoons

We have a group of orphaned baby raccoons keeping us busy here at the Refuge. Virginia Beach Animal Control had answered a call at a local residence. It seems there was a "nuisance" raccoon hanging around their property, that the folks trapped and probably destroyed. A few days later, they found the babies, and called Animal Control for a pickup.
It is not unusual for Mamma Raccoon to forage for food during the day. She is very, very hungry and will go to great lengths for her nursing babies. In this case, she looked for food on the property of some ignorant people and she paid with her life. But, these babies got lucky and ended up with a compassionate Animal Control Officer who delivered them to us. They now have a good chance of survival.