Friday, September 23, 2011

Elliot has left the building.....but he is in the neighborhood!

We released Elliot, a gray fox kit in early July. It was a "soft" release, meaning we kept his enclosure open for him with food and water available until he got fully acclimated to being on his own in the wild. However, we never saw Elliot again.
Until.....a picture of a young gray fox appeared in Mary Reid Barrow's Coastal Journal in the Virginia Beach Beacon recently. One of our volunteers spotted it and contacted Mary Reid Barrow, who confirmed that the photo came from a neighbor down the street from the Refuge. We believe it is Elliot....what do you think? We think he looks awesome!

Hurricane Irene: The Weekend It Rained Baby Squirrels

The last weekend in August, everything changed at the Refuge. A hurricane was coming....her name was Irene.
Irene blew through and left thousands of baby squirrels dead, injured, or orphaned. A lucky few (more than 200) came through the Refuge and our partner rehabilitators. It seemed like it was raining baby squirrels! Although the Refuge was without power for almost two days, we managed with a borrowed generator and our wonderful volunteers who stepped in to help.
Click here for a short video recapping the weekend.