Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome from Pink Floyd

Hello everyone!! I am Pink Floyd and I am a raccoon. I live full time with Evelyn and Jim here at the Refuge.
I have been here about a year now. I was dropped off by a caring person who found me all alone when I was only about 3 weeks old. I had been on my own for a while and had not developed the skills to survive on my own. I had been sucking on anything I could find to stay alive, like rocks and sticks, and my lips were pink and raw from the skin being worn off. So, Evelyn and Jim named me "Pink." Since I was a baby boy, they added Floyd to make it more masculine.
So, why am I still here? Well, I contracted the raccoon version of Parvo. Most baby raccoons who get Parvo die from it, but I was one of the lucky ones. It did leave me partially paralyzed, though, and limited my ability to function as a wild raccoon. I just don't have the skills I need to be released, like climbing, so I hang out here at the Refuge and keep the other animals company.
I am especially fond of being "Daddy" the the orphan raccoons that come through. These little babies are so distressed at losing their moms, they cry for at least 2 days. Evelyn, Jim, and I try our best to comfort them. They must learn to get nourishment from a baby bottle, and I must say they are quick learners!!
That's my story. I have a great life here and I am proud to be the mascot of Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge!

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