Friday, February 4, 2011

the Crow aka Mikey

The crow was brought into the refuge by Mike, a good, or rather great Samaritan. It was around the holidays, so things were quiet. The crow had a badly damaged wing, which was set. Unfortunately, when the splint was removed not much improvement was noted. But, young crows are fairly resilient, so we are still hopeful. Even though he cannot seem to fly, he has the run of the wildlife room, and seems pretty happy. His savior, Mike, still calls to check on him. We have named him "Mikey," to honor the man who was compassionate enough to take the time and make the effort to find a wildlife rehibilitator, in order to give Mikey a chance of survival. We are trying to find Mikey a permanent home, but in the meantime, he rules the roost.

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