Thursday, December 8, 2011

Me, Neuri, and Shiloh

Hey, It's me, Pink Floyd! I have been out and about in the wild but now that it has turned cold I have returned to the er.....den! That means my enclosure out back in the Refuge. I had an absolutely awesome reunion with Neuri and Shiloh, the other two unreleaseable raccoons here at the Refuge. They have both grown up since I have been away. They have been spayed and given an annual rabies injection. They are BEAUTIFUL! Check out all our photos and I am sure you will agree that we are all just GORGEOUS!
Why are we nonreleaseable? When we were babies we probably contracted raccoon parvo or maybe distemper. All three of us have limited mobility. We can climb just fine and just ask Evelyn about stuff we can open with our hands! But, we can't walk or run very well, so we are happy being in the Refuge. Come and visit sometime!

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  1. We got to meet Pink Floyd and Neuri today at the Wildlife Refuge along with many of the other residents - oh, and of course Evelyn & Jim. What a wonderful thing you do!